【動画de英語】Glomour Woman Of The  Year 2018/Chrissy Teigen(クリッシー・テイゲン)へ捧げる夫John Legend(ジョン・レジェンド)のスピーチ







―Did you know that 1 in 5 kids in my daughter’s class has a cell phone?



Did you know that 1 in 8 Americans struggles with hunger? As we head into the holidays, from now until Dec 29, with each purchase of one of my O That’s Good! items a meal will be given to someone in need. Let’s help feed America. https://t.co/NIMbI2kZij #OThatsGood pic.twitter.com/hLgrVI8da6

— Oprah Winfrey (@Oprah) November 19, 2018




【Glomour Woman Of The  Year 2018/Chrissy Teigen(クリッシーテイゲン)へ捧げる夫John Legend(ジョン・レジェンド)のスピーチです。


I can’t agree with the superlative but thanks for having us, @YOUMagSocial https://t.co/ZVZvLi2JiR

— John Legend (@johnlegend) November 19, 2018


【動画de英語】グラミー歌手の妻が一番怖い悪役って誰?|Chrissy Teigen (クリッシー・テイゲン)|VOGUE| 73の質問


【John Legend’s Tearful Tribute to Chrissy Teigen | Glamour WOTY 2018/Glomour Magazine/2018.11.3】



Hello, everyone. I’m John. I’m also known as Chrissy Teigen’s trophy husband.


Sometimes Chrissy likes to take me out in the town and show me off a little. You know nights like this one when people are taking pictures. I have a career on the music business but we all know who the star of the family is.


She is the heart and soul of the family too. I’m very much in love with this woman. I mean obviously I guess she is my wife, and she is the mother of our daughter Luna and our son Miles, but I’m not the only one who loves her. Many millions of people who are not married to her, not related to her, they love her, too.


If you speak up  about the things that you believe in whether it’s immigrants rights, postpartum depression or the joy of the chicken pot pie, and if you do it authentically and without presumption you can enlightened other people. You can brighten people’s day.  What a gift that is, and what a time to do it, right now.


When it’s so important to amplify voices of reason not shut them down. In her glamour profile she talked about a time we were at this big event, and she was crying in a dressing room because she felt so overwhelmed. She was in such an illustrious company. We were celebrating the time 100,and she felt like she didn’t belong like she didn’t belong in the company of people like Oprah and Michelle Obama and Christine Lagarde. .


I’m here to say that you belong here and I think it’s become very clear to Glamour magazine it many millions of  people around the world that you’re more than worthy of  this honor tonight. I’m amazed by the woman that you’ve become and I’m truly glad that the rest of the world fine found out about it.

(僕は今日ここにこのことを言いに来ました。あなたはこの場に値するん人で、そのことはGlamour magazineもこの世界の何百万人の人がこの光栄にあなたはふさわしいと思っているんだと。成長した今のあなたに驚かされるばかりで、世界中の他の人達もあなたのその素晴らしさに気づいたことをとても嬉しく思います。)

Hi, I was ready to be the light -hearted one. I’m like come up and just be funny  and the trot off but like honestly John didn’t cry when I gave birth. Haha. Actually you cried during Benjamin Button and then  you cried for Miles, and then something else…Oh Sesame Street something for Sesame street. That was beautiful, thank you so much. 


Wow, thank you first of all to Glamour. This is incredible like I said in the video I never thought I’d be the kind of  person that would win anything. I was used to seeing John do, and I was used to being on his arm and I was excited to do that. I was excited to support him and be there, but this is an honor and I am completely humbled by it because truly the lineup of people in this room is incredible. It’s embarrassing to sit here around these people and when John was talking about that event I’m actually mad at you because I was gonna talk about that event!


I will …just I will end with just talking about..I joke about it a lot, but I truly have the most incredible husband on the planet. You are our everything. You completely made me a woman. We’ve grown together. Our family’s grown together. Our career’s grown together. This is so sappy. i’m sorry. I hate it. I didn’t cry during our wedding.


I hate you John. I really do, but you work so tirelessly and so hard for the things you believe in and you don’t complain. You never say anything. You never you do it for not the glory, not the fame, not for anything. You do it because you believe in it and  because you love it and because you want to make us proud. We’re so proud of you every single day and I thank you for both of our babies they make me so happy to wake up to them every single morning, and you were there you were there every single night when I was nursing when I was  doing anything. You were just so strong.







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