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In case you missed it, #UnderTheSkin with @JayShettyIW came out yesterday. It’s on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and here if you don’t have a podcast apphttps://t.co/XFyQW02teb pic.twitter.com/N908VLsPgo

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【Ellenがあのモチベ―ショナルスピーカーのJay Shettyに会う!】



Ellen Meets Motivational Speaker Jay Shetty/The Ellenshow/2019.3.19



【Ellen】Jay, you’re amazing. And I know a lot of people know about you and follow your messages but I’m happy to give you another platform to reach more people. Because it’s incredible what you’re saying and what you’re doing. So you were a monk in India. First of all, why did you become a monk? And how long did that last?


【Jay】Absolutely. Well, I’m so grateful to be here. Thank you for having me. When I was growing up in London, I had three choices to be a doctor, a lawyer, or a failure. And I ended up at business school so I guess I was the third. And i was going to business school and every week we had CEOs, entrepreneurs, celebrities coming to speak and share their stories. And I was fascinated by how people went from nothing to something.


【Jay】And one week I was told that this monk was invited and I actually said to one of my friends, I said, I’m only going if we go to a bar afterwards because I wasn’t interested in hearing a Monk’s perspective on life. So my friend forced me to go, he promised me he would go to a var afterwards. And it changed my life. It was the most captivating presentation I’ve ever been to. And he spoke about selflessness and service and kindness and it just got me hooked.



【Ellen】So I think the most viewed you had 365 million on the topic of pressure, basically stress. So what do you say to people about that?


【Jay】Absolutely, I think it’s something we all feel today. And the biggest pressure I think we feel is rushed by other people’s timelines. We’re rushed by the success and achievement of people around us or we rushed by the supposed success and achievements of others we see on social media. And the biggest think I’d say is, give yourself permission to take time. Give yourself permission to recognize that living your passion and creating a purpose takes time. For some people they’ve waited to 30 or 40 or 50 or 60. We want it to happen in our 20s. But your best years are yet to come.


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